Adobe releases security-enhanced Acrobat X family

Adobe Systems has released its next generation of security-enhanced products, the Acrobat...

Adobe Systems has released its next generation of security-enhanced products, the Acrobat X family.

The latest version of Adobe software, Adobe Acrobat X, includes features such as Microsoft Sharepoint integration as well as new layouts, visual themes and colour palettes while safer viewing of PDF files is available with new Protected Mode security capabilities in Adobe Reader X. Adobe said the new services address the need for users to exchange, retrieve and view documents reliably from anywhere.

The protected mode, announced in July, uses a sandbox approach to security and has been built with input from across the software industry and business users.

This major release will see the introduction of a host of other security enhancements enabled by Adobe's secure product lifecycle (SPL), said Brad Arkin, senior director of product security and privacy at Adobe.

"The changes are too great to have been included in updates to preceding versions of the software," Arkin previously told Computer Weekly.

Security updates have been a hardening of existing code, said Arkin, but in the new release it has replaced unsafe functions and applied the SPL to all new features.

Paul Ducklin, Sophos's head of technology for Asia Pacific, said in a blog post, "As is usually the case for out-of-band patches, this one is considered critically important: attacks exploiting this vulnerability have been seen in the wild."

"Adobe Reader X isn't out yet. But there is a brand-new update to Adobe Reader 9. This is not a routine quarterly patch from Adobe, since it deals with vulnerability APSA10-05, which the company didn't have time to fix in its last regular security update," he added.

Free Adobe Reader X is expected to be available by the end of the month.

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