Malware threats will increase in 2011, says Imperva

Malware threats will become more challenging in 2011, but it is not all bad news for the year ahead, according to security firm Imperva.

Malware threats will become more challenging in 2011, but it is not all bad news for the year ahead, according to security firm Imperva.

The range of threats is going to evolve in various directions, making it more challenging than ever, said Amichai Shulman, chief technology officer at Imperva.

But, according to the firm's Application Defense Center (ADC), 2011 will see more application and data security products for the various types of IT clouds.

"This will allow organisations to adopt cloud computing at a growing rate without giving up on security," said Shulman, who heads up Imperva's ADC.

A move towards global standardisation around privacy and information security regulations would make it easier for organisations to adhere to regulatory requirements, he said.

According to Amichai Shulman, the biggest impact will be caused by the proliferation of sophisticated mobile devices interacting with corporate networks.

Another important trend is the consolidation of hacking activity into a relatively small number of stronger, more resourceful organisations, rather than many small, less dangerous gangs, he said.

Imperva researchers also expect an increase in man-in-the-browser attacks, as criminals target end users as the weakest link and a surge in insider-related attacks as regulations force organisations to become more transparent, requiring investment in protecting unstructured data.

Top 10 security trends for 2011
Nation-sponsored hacking, like the Stuxnet worm, will build on concepts and techniques from the commercial hacker industry to create more powerful Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).
There will be a growing awareness of security incidents due to insiders because of the emphasis of new regulations on breach notification and disclosure.
Man-in-the-browser attacks will increase as criminals target end users as the weakest link.
Social network security will improve as prominent social networks, and tools, put more efforts into security over privacy.
File security will take centre stage as a greater number of data breaches in the form of files rather than database records.
Proliferation of sophisticated mobile devices will have a substantial effect on application and data security.
There will be an increase in application security offerings in the cloud throughout 2011 and the appearance of early data security in cloud offerings.
Cyber security will become a business process to better protect data as it flows through enterprise systems.

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