Google and VMware launch joint Java developer tools for the cloud

VMware and Google have unveiled a series of collaborative Java development tools

VMware and Google have unveiled a series of collaborative Java development tools aimed at making cloud portability easier for developers.

At the SpringOne 2GX developer conference in Chicago, the two companies launched the integrated software to help enterprise software developers to build, deploy and manage applications within cloud environments.

"Together, Google and VMware enable enterprises to develop and deploy rich Spring Java applications across multiple clouds and devices," said Rod Johnson, senior vice-president at VMware.

Vic Gundotra, Google vice-president of developer platforms, said, "By making deployments of Spring Java applications on Google App Engine using Google Web Toolkit generally available, developers can deploy Java applications in production environments of their choice while leveraging rich web front-end across multiple devices."

Google plans to incorporate mobile-influenced features in the longer term, such as styled user interfaces, HTML5 features such as app cache, local database storage and geolocation, according to a blog post by Brad Abrams from the Google developer team.

The following projects will be available to download from Google and VMware from early November:

Spring Roo and Google Web Toolkit

Spring Roo, a rapid application development tool combined with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), enables developers to build rich browser apps in enterprise production environments, using browser technologies, such as Ajax and HTML5.

Spring Insight and Google Speed Tracer

Google's Speed Tracer with VMware's Spring Insight performance tracing technology allows end-to-end performance visibility into cloud applications and web application performance.

SpringSource Tool Suite and Google Plugin for Eclipse

The integration of SpringSource Tool Suite version 2.5 and Google Plugin for Eclipse helps developers to build and maintain large scale, web-based, enterprise applications and were previously only available when building desktop and server products.

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