Virgin Media to offer 'unlimited' business internet service

Virgin Media is launching an unlimited business Ethernet package which runs on consumer lines.

Virgin Media is launching an unlimited business Ethernet package which runs on consumer lines.

The company said it has more than four million consumer customers and 70,000 business users and will significantly increase capacity by running services on its under-utilised lines during business hours, when consumers are at work. The deployment of its Big Red Internet service will involve no extra capital expenditure for Virgin Media.

For an additional fee customers can now access a 100Mbps service for up to £13,000 per year and a 1Gbps package for up to £25,000 a year. The company said its lines could be accessed by 85% of the UK's businesses.

Mark Heraghty, managing director at Virgin Media Business, said there would be no conflict between consumer use in the evening and small enterprises looking to run their businesses in these hours.

"We would have to see a massive change in behaviour for that to happen. Our network is scaled to suit massive consumer use in the evening. We have nine times more fibre than, say, Cable & Wireless. Our competitors don't have a consumer core and don't have an access pipe," he said.

The service we will be an enabler for the company to roll out new cloud-based products, he added.

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