Users brand Google Instant an ‘anti-climax’

More than two-thirds of internet users say Google's instant search tool is a disappointment

More than two-thirds of internet users say Google Instant is an anti-climax, a survey has claimed.

Some 72% of over 1,000 internet users polled by discount voucher site My Voucher Codes said they thought the hype was going to lead to something more impressive.

Google Instant uses 15 new technologies and builds on the company's search auto-completion technology to return results with each keystroke of a user typing in a search query.

But three quarters of respondents said Google searches were already fine as they were, with just 3% saying search results were not fast enough before the changes were made.

Just over a quarter said the changes to the way they could search on Google were annoying, blaming the automatically updating results.

The survey revealed that 89% of respondents used Google every day, whether through the homepage or search boxes on other sites.

Mark Pearson, chairman of My Voucher Codes said he doubted if receiving millions of search returns in 0.2 seconds was ever really a massive problem for users.

"It's like trying to make a rounder wheel," he said.

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