IT professionals top growing recruitment wish lists

Last month saw the fastest growth in permanent jobs for almost 13 years, with IT workers most in demand.

Last month saw the fastest growth in permanent jobs for almost 13 years, with IT workers most in demand.

According to the latest jobs report from KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), demand for permanent staff rose faster in March than it has for over 12 years.

It also revealed that permanent vacancies for staff with IT qualifications grew the most. IT staff were the group of workers second most in demand for temporary positions, with only secretarial/clerical staff in greater demand.

But because a lot of the recruiting is in the public sector, there are fears that the positive growth could stop when planned public sector cuts are made after the General Election.

Kevin Green, CEO at REC, said this is the clearest sign yet of a revival in the UK jobs market.

He said temporary roles are helping the unemployed back to work: "A rise in both temporary and contract work at the sharpest rate for nearly three years shows how they [temporary positions] continue to provide vital flexibility for UK businesses as well as a valuable route back into work for jobseekers.

"However, the overall outlook is tempered by public expenditure cuts, which are already impacting on recruitment in the sector. Deep-rooted reforms and innovative approaches to public sector resourcing will be needed to maintain frontline services."

Last month's report said the IT jobs market is on the rebound, with permanent jobs across all sectors of the economy growing at their fastest rate since July 2007.

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