Internet security needs universal support, says Dell Perot Systems

Every user of the internet has a vested interest in keeping it secure as failure to do so risks losing all benefit, says Dell Perot Systems.

Every user of the internet has a vested interest in keeping it secure as failure to do so risks losing all benefit, says Dell Perot Systems.

This is one of the key messages the company will take to the Worldwide Security Conference in Brussels on 17 February organised by the East-West Institute.

Cyber security is not the responsibility of governments, enterprises, or IT managers alone, but everyone who benefits from the internet, Jim Stikeleather, chief technology officer at Dell Perot Systems told Computer Weekly.

If security is not guaranteed, people will lose faith in the internet and without the necessary level of trust, which is the basis of any economy, electronic commerce will collapse and everyone will suffer, he said.

Governments have to collaborate and agree on laws and standards that will make it easier for authorities to take action against cybercriminals who operate across international borders.

Suppliers of computer software and hardware have a responsibility to agree standards and deliver products with a base level of security.

Enterprises have a responsibility to ensure good governance by providing employees with clear guidelines on best security practices when using the internet.

At every level there is a need for greater education so that everyone who touches the internet in business is aware of the consequences of their behaviour, said Stikeleather.

"We still do not have the same intrinsic awareness of safety online as we do in the physical world and that needs to change," he said.

In the longer term, everyone who goes online should be aware of how to behave safely and all suppliers should ensure security is embedded in the infrastructure, he said.

"Cyber security will be achieved and the benefits of the internet preserved only if every stakeholder works together and security is embedded rather than being an add-one," said Stikeleather.

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