iPhone worm Ikee gets malicious successor

Hackers have exploited the same vulnerability as the first...

Hackers have exploited the same vulnerability as the first iPhone worm, but unlike Ikee, this attack is malicious, say security researchers.

The Ikee worm merely changed the victim's wallpaper to an image of singer Rick Astley, but a new piece of malware targeting jailbroken iPhones steals personal data.

The malware is a tool identified as iPhone/Privacy.A by researchers at security firm Intego that enables hackers to copy personal information recorded by any iPhone app.

The tool does not install anything on the iPhone or leave any evidence that data has been copied, but targets only jailbroken iPhones using SSH and the default password.

It is extremely dangerous to jailbreak an iPhone to run non-Apple approve apps and work across all mobile networks because of the vulnerabilities this creates, said Intego.

Hackers using this tool can install it on an iPhone or any computer, where it scans the network accessible to it for any jailbroken iPhones to break into and steal data.

This means any jailbroken iPhones that pass in range of hackers' computer Wi-Fi or iPhone range can be accessed.

The only way business can combat the use of this tool, said Intego, is by preventing the hacker tool from being installed on company computers.

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