Nominum puts intelligent DNS in the cloud

Nominum is to use cloud computing to make its updated domain name service (DNS) software accessible to small and medium enterprises.

Nominum is to use cloud computing to make its updated domain name service (DNS) software accessible to small and medium enterprises.

Earlier this year, the firm launched its Intelligent DNS software to address the security weaknesses of legacy systems that passively answer network queries.

According to Nominum, whose chief scientist Paul Mockapetris invented DNS, says the DNS is the perfect place for security as it touches every internet transaction.

Cloud services based on Intelligent DNS are available from today through Nominum's new and independent business unit, called Skye.

"The services will make Intelligent DNS available to smaller companies that do not have the infrastructure or skills to support on-premises installations," said Jon Shalowitz, vice-president and general manger of Skye.

Skye is aimed at making best-of-breed software available on best-of-breed infrastructure without a huge capital expense up front, he said.

Existing on-premise Intelligent DNS users will also be able to use Skye's offerings to add capacity as required at peak times.

"Many organisations that sell products online need additional capacity at the end of the year to cope with seasonal buying," said Shalowitz.

Skye will give businesses access to a higher level of internet security in emerging countries not covered by the 100 large broadband providers that use Intelligent DNS.

The system automatically combines standard DNS data with multiple real-time sources of information on phishing, botnets and malware to block connections to malicious sites.

"Skye is the only cloud-based DNS security system that links to the largest web caching servers around the world," said Shalowitz.

The system is able to identify potential threats by monitoring all DNS activity and allows businesses to connect to third-party sources of threat information.

Intelligent DNS, which replaces Nominum's caching name server (CNS), also enables businesses and ISPs to customise policies based on regulatory requirements.

"This will help UK companies comply with government aims to ensure a trusted internet experience from all local online service providers," said Shalowitz.

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