Here to Chew Gum and Kick Ass, and she's all out of Gum...

I’d start this week’s round up of all things juicy and LOL-worthy in the Valley with a headline like Yahoo! Has! A! New! Big! Boss!, but it’s getting tired after The Mighty Register (sainted be it’s name) rolls it out at every opportunity..

It’s been a busy week over in the Valley, Carol Bartz has been named as the new Yahoo boss, and she appears to be a force worth reckoning with, if reports from the all hands she spoke at the day after her appointment are anything to go by – promising to drop kick any <expletive deleted> who blogs about company business – this comment was then leaked to a well known tech blog of course, so those naughty geeks at Yahoo are still pushing their boundaries it would seem.

They should be careful though, it appears that Bartz didn’t like her leaving present from Autodesk very much, as they announced job cuts numbering 750 yesterday. Starbucks vouchers aren’t always appropriate for every job level, guys…

Another twist in this juicy tale is that Steve Ballmer (you know, the Microsoft boss), and Roy Bostock (the head of the board of directors of Yahoo!) were seen at Time Warner Towers (you know, the people who don’t really want to own AOL anymore), leaving a lift together and going to lunch, a couple of days after Bartz was named as new boss of Yahoo!. I don’t think they were there to get tech support for their AOL accounts..

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