Better battery life for the eeePC

I have been usng the eeePC 701 for a couple of months and I have to say, I barely get two hours of useful battery life from it. Now this is a a real shame. The eeePC is a great machine for the type of work I do. I travel to and from the office by train and I often attend conferences. A small light PC is an ideal travellling companion.

But, even when the trains arre perfect, my journey time to work is an hour and twenty minutes each way. So I barely have enough charge on the eeePC to work on the train. Naturally, I try to get all work done and press SAVE before the last ounce of battery life drains away. Still, living with the eeePC would be much easier if battery life was significantly longer.

So I was pleased to hear today that Asus has developed a new generation of eeePC with technology it claims will improve battery life to 7.5 hours. Well, even with the generous estimates PC makers usually slap on their machines, this seems pretty good. Personally,  I’d be happy with anything that gave even half that amount consistently.

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I got almost the same problem, i got myself a EeePC 701 and i tend to work alot outdorrs, sitting in parks etc instead of the office, and i thought there was something wrong with my battery at first, it should last longer then the two hours it does.

Have you checked the status for the battery? i noticed mine seems bugged, the design capacity is the expected 5200mAh, but last full charge says 100mAh, and remaining capacity never goes above 100mAh.

Might be a design-bug tho..

Great to hear that Asus are trying to improve the battery-time on the next generation!

Ilon Sjögren, Sweden

Thanks for the feedback. No I havent checked the capacity yet. I'm sure there's plenty Asus can do on the EeePC 701 to make the battery last longer. My machine does seem to run very hot. Cliff

Don't use windows. Windows is a horrible, battery eating OS. With Ubuntu on my Eee PC I get 3.5 hours.