Maximising the benefits from CRM


Maximising the benefits from CRM

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There are many benefits that CRM can bring to a company. CRM by definition improves business relationships, bolsters customer service and strengthens marketing campaigns which in turn improves an organisation's performance.


However, research from Gartner suggests, somewhat alarmingly, that as many as 60% of all CRM implementations fail.


The fact is that CRM will only deliver benefit if it has been implemented appropriately and matches the business needs of the organisation.  


CRM systems should always be selected on a return on investment (ROI) basis. Furthermore, Gartner adds, companies that use a strategic framework to estimate, plan and promote their CRM initiatives, are twice as likely to achieve success.


This podcast will aim to highlight just how the appropriate deployment of CRM can reap the promised rich rewards. It will:

  • Highlight the current CRM landscape
  • Show how to ensue a successful CRM deployment
  • Explain how to establish return on investment and derive true value from CRM

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This was first published in August 2007


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