Making the business benefits of security technology reap rewards

The need for all firms to have an effective, robust and flexible IT security strategy is as important as it ever was.

Yet there exists a train of thought that security is a business hygiene factor; that firms simply have to invest in security. However, strategic investment in security technology can actually act as an agent of change for the business. Far from being solely a cost centre, security can actually be a generator of profit and add true value to the business that far outweighs the initial investment.

This podcast will aim to highlight just how the appropriate usage of security technologies and services can reap rich rewards. It will cover:

  • The current IT security threat landscape
  • The technological solutions that can address these issues
  • How to establish true costs of ownership and return on investment for these solutions
  • How to derive true value to the business from them

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  • This was first published in December 2006


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