Beating the threat of spam – a ComputerWeekly podcast


Beating the threat of spam – a ComputerWeekly podcast

Ever since the first spam email message was sent back in 1978 to 393 recipients on Arpanet, unsolicited email messages have been causing a headache for IT managers. Dealing with the constant influx of spam costs not only money but time as well.

The spam threat landscape is constantly changing as spammers develop increasingly sophisticated techniques to try and get their messages across. One recent trend has been the use of reputable online email service providers, which not only provides spammers with an unlimited source of new email accounts, but also makes it harder for spam filtering technology to weed out the rogue messages.

In this new podcast from looks at how spam is affecting IT managers and provides interviews with a range of IT professionals offering advice on dealing with the problem presented by unsolicited emails.

Topics discussed in this free podcast include:

·         The current spam threat landscape

·         Damage spam can do to a business

·         Case studies on how available technologies can help beat spam

·         The importance of having a best practice policy relating to spam

·         Likely spam threats in the future

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Beating the threat of spam – a ComputerWeekly podcast

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This was first published in July 2008


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