Packet collision in Windows

Linux includes tools to detect and report on Ethernet packet collisions. Does Windows have the same facilities?

QUESTION: Is there a way to know the Ethernet packet collision count/rate in a Windows OS? In Linux it can be easily seen using the ifconfig command. In Solaris it can be seen using the netstat -i -f inet command. Why isn't there one in Windows? Even the Ethernet OIDs (RFC 1284) doesn't give any information about this. How will I get the collision rate in Windows?

ANSWER: Viewing statistics such as the collision rate is not supported by Windows itself. You will require third-party software that will monitor your network connection and provide you with this information. If you happen to be running a managed switch, you might be able to obtain this information from it; otherwise, any good packet sniffer will give you greater detail on packet statistics of your network. In closing, if you only require the collision rate, then I'd suggest you perform a quick search on Google where you'll find many great utilities that will give you the information you need.

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