Optimize your IT outsourcing strategy with this guide

Before your organization leaps into outsourcing, use this comprehensive guide to shape your IT outsourcing strategy and reap business advantages.

Today, Indian businesses cannot disregard the criticality of outsourcing in order to keep things ship-shape. A...

word of caution on this front: Don’t be too quick in jumping onto the outsourcing bandwagon by being blinded by the cost benefits. Before anything else, you should first have a sound IT outsourcing strategy in place to ensure smooth synergies.

If you need help in devising a thorough IT outsourcing strategy, then look no further. This guide compiled by our IT experts will help you discover ways to find the best IT outsourcingstrategy to make your business grow. Learn what you are doing right, as well as the areas where things go wrong, using this guide. We have also thrown in a fair number of outsourcing management templates to ensure that your business has handy references to bank on.

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Basic best practices

Evaluation, contracts and vendor management

Useful Outsourcing templates

Learning center

IT outsourcing strategy: Basics  

Start with the basics of what qualifies as an IT outsourcing strategy in this section of our guide. This detailed WhatIs.com definition defines what can qualify as an IT outsourcing strategy. It will also help you learn about how approaches to IT outsourcing have evolved over the years.

Enterprise offshoring and IT outsourcing strategy guide for CIOs  

Enterprise offshoring and IT outsourcing strategies are shifting constantly, as CIOs seek the best vendors for their infrastructure and applications needs. In this collection, discover how other CIOs with extensive enterprise offshoring and IT outsourcing experience tackle aspects such as building an IT outsourcing strategy; selecting and vetting outsourcing providers; integrating IT outsourcing into their organizations, and outsourcing specific functional areas.

Outsourcing: A complete guide for CIOs  

Outsourcing and offshoring are becoming increasingly common in the IT world. This guide provides case studies, news, tips on successful IT outsourcing and trend articles on the strategies, execution, tools and technologies that thrive behind the scenes.

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Basic best practices


IT outsourcing strategy is maturing, but organizations continue to undermine their best efforts with unintentional mistakes. This FAQ will ensure that you avoid common mistakes while forging an IT outsourcing strategy. Also discover how cloud computing technology is affecting outsourcing solutions, and identify the warning signs which indicate that an outsourcing contract is at risk.

Six questions to build an effective IT outsourcing strategy  

An IT outsourcing strategy rarely follows a single template, as core functions of different companies are never the same. Experts caution that the old wishful thinking about "outsourcing our mess for less" is still wishful thinking. So if outsourcing is your choice, here are six questions to help you make the right decisions. After all, building an effective IT outsourcing strategy entails knowing what not to farm out.

IT outsourcing strategy tips for unfair advantage  

Need to mitigate risk when you are outsourcing key technologies and their management? Use these IT outsourcing strategy tips to achieve success in your endeavor. Put your competitors behind with a successful rollout of your outsourcing strategy.

Resources to build a successful IT outsourcing strategy  

Developing an IT outsourcing strategy? This requires a lot of homework — organizations need to answer several questions before seeking an arrangement with an outsourcing partner. Through this expert guide, learn what to consider while outsourcing applications, and get advice on how you can choose the best outsourcing partner.

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Evaluation, contracts and vendor management

Essential guidelines for tech outsourcing vendor evaluation  

With IT outsourcing being predominant, a major concern is how do you actually evaluate partners while looking to opt for tech outsourcing? When Indian aviation major Jet Airways recently signed a tech outsourcing agreement with IBM for 10 years, everybody wondered what Jet’s IT outsourcing strategy was? How did Jet evaluate the options before zeroing in on Big Blue as the partner? Read on for a few tips.

Seven outsourcing criteria for service provider evaluation  

Since a sound IT outsourcing strategy has many facets, it’s difficult to determine the aspects that bring an organization to the outstanding threshold. So what are the criteria before the CIO while making the outsourcing decision? How do you check if your outsourcing partner fits the bill? In this guide, we explore the critical aspects that could be held as guidelines while choosing the right partner. After all, making an informed choice from the very beginning is always the smart move.

Four IT outsourcing agreement loopholes to watch out for  

As IT outsourcing almost becoming a norm in the market today, companies should focus on their core business; while their IT worries are taken care of by the service providers. However, as part of their IT outsourcing strategy, companies should pay heed to certain loopholes that may be hidden in every IT outsourcing agreement, which can lead to poor service, high operating costs, and end-user complaints. Watch out for these four points to ensure that you don’t get taken for a ride when you next sign an IT outsourcing agreement.

IT outsourcing contracts FAQ: Establishing SLAs, flexibility and more  

As enterprises develop their offshoring and IT outsourcing strategies, it's critical that they craft IT outsourcing contracts that drive IT outcomes and deliver business value. IT outsourcing contracts are only as strong as the negotiations surrounding them. In this FAQ, learn how to draw up IT outsourcing contracts, how to establish service-level agreements, how to set your contracts to deliver the benefits your organization seeks. Also, consult our FAQ about getting started with IT outsourcing and offshoring.

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Useful outsourcing templates

Outsourcing management templates for Indian organizations  

A good IT outsourcing strategy can rarely be encompassed by a single template. So, are you looking for model templates to streamline your IT outsourcing management? Cracking down the right outsourcing contract is critical on this front, as it contributes to the annual IT budget. In this extensive guide, we collate free outsourcing management templates that cover a wide range of agreements recommended by experts and professional associations. Join us on this trip, to make your outsourcing contracts easier through these ready-to-use templates.

SLA template and guidelines for DR outsourcing  

There are several factors to consider while finalizing the SLA in a disaster recovery (DR) outsourcing engagement. Use these DR outsourcing strategy guidelines along with our downloadable SLA template to structure, implement and successfully manage SLAs. After all, in order to ensure cost as well as strategic benefits from vendor-client relationships, robust service level agreements (SLAs) are essential.

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To sum up, this guide will assist you to select and implement an effective IT outsourcing strategy that is best suited for your business needs. However, even after your organization makes the leap into outsourcing, there is still much to learn to keep your distributed workforce functioning as a whole.

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