IT ROI calculation guide for assured success

IT ROI calculation need not be a complicated, confusing affair. This guide helps you decode the gobbledegook and easily accomplish calculating ROI for IT.

Every organization wishes to review how well it is doing and being managed. Introspection is important, and this is where IT ROI calculation can help by providing a measuring stick to establish how well a company is managed. This guide, compiled with inputs from our IT experts, can be your trusted aide during IT ROI calculation. We have also included several formulas, steps and methods to ensure that your business has handy references to bank on and you no longer need to depend on old fashioned analysis for IT ROI calculations.


In this guide: 

  • Learning center
      • Learning Guide: ROI
      • Executive Guide: ROI
      • IT ROI calculators for cloud computing: Cracking the code
      • Smart ROI formula for guaranteed success
  • IT ROI calculations for projects
      • BI ROI calculation: Issues and methodology
      • How to calculate ROI and TCO for virtualization projects
      • Calculating ROI for data warehousing
      • Calculating ROI for VDI
  • Myths and cautions
      • Debunking virtualization and ROI calculation myths
      • Calculating ROI on IT projects is useful but not sufficient
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    Learning center  

    Learning Guide: ROI

    Perplexed with the many formulas available for IT ROI calculation? Don’t be taken in by the fuzzy math.  Let us simplify it for you. Discover more about return on investment, including how to calculate ROI, in this learning guide. IT ROI calculation has many purposes. Developing a business case for a given proposal is one; find out what the others are as well.

    Executive Guide: ROI

    ROI may be the most common term tossed around in an IT or business organization today. An ROI analysis has become mandatory for executives before approving any project or investment. This CIO Executive Guide on IT ROI calculation includes resources on measuring ROI, understanding the metric, how effective it is to the overall success of IT investments/ implementations, and more.

    IT ROI calculators for cloud computing: Cracking the code

    Giving competition to other cloud calculators such as Amazon Web Services Simple Monthly Calculator and Azure’s Calculator, consulting firm and integrator Astadia released an online IT ROI calculator for customers interested in cloud computing. These IT ROI calculators are a good way to get an idea of what cloud could mean to you, the promise it holds, along with what the different big players in cloud want you to think about. Learn how to do the juggling act by taking all the cloud calculators into context and understanding the premise and assumptions of each of them.  

    Smart ROI formula for guaranteed success

    The business case for IT project investment is invariably bolstered by the promise of attractive ROI. However, it is important that projected ROI is actually realized, lest the reputation and credibility of the CIO and IT department be sullied among top management of the organization. In this guide, find successfully tried-and-tested IT ROI calculation approaches to ensure that the chasm between IT ROI promise and delivery is minimized, and realistic return on investment is achieved as planned.

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    IT ROI calculations for projects  

    BI ROI calculation: Issues and methodology

    IT ROI calculation for business intelligence (BI) projects can be tricky. BI ROI is difficult to measure in some projects, although it is very evident in others. Our experts let the cat out of the bag and reveal the issues you should look out for when conducting IT ROI calculation exercises for BI deployments. Do not deprive yourself of this checklist that could decide the success or failure of your IT ROI calculation for BI projects.

    How to calculate ROI and TCO for virtualization projects

    While many organizations have admitted that figuring out how to calculate ROI and TCO is one of the biggest challenges of virtualization projects, this guide can teach you how. For virtualization projects, your own TCO and IT ROI calculation can be more accurate than a vendor's ROI calculator. Learn the IT ROI calculation trends in virtualization projects; how to calculate ROI over time; and, the best practices involved.

    Calculating ROI for data warehousing

    Getting a nod from company executives on data warehousing efforts is never easy. Data warehouse managers often find themselves on the hot seat, having a tough time justifying the strategic concept of their data warehousing efforts to company CEOs. Determining IT ROI for a data warehousing project is no simple task, as it is new to most IT pros. However, managers can use IT ROI calculation formulas to present a watertight business case to top management. Here are some tips from our IT experts on how you can tie data warehouses to business returns and have cash flows turn positive.

    Calculating ROI for VDI

    Before any virtual desktop infrastructure deployment, two questions are rife: What ROI can a VDI provide?" and "How long will it take to achieve this ROI?" As opposed to many experts’ opinions, achieving ROI from a VDI implementation is possible, and all it requires are some vital elements such as a well-thought out design, architecture and deployment plan. Through this guide, learn the criteria that need to be met for a VDI project to obtain good ROI.

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    Myths and cautions  

    Debunking virtualization and ROI calculation myths

    Common myths often skew a virtualization IT ROI calculation. To compound the problem, calculating any ROI is as much guesswork as it is mathematics. Separating fact from fiction will help organizations calculate an accurate virtualization ROI. This guide throws light on the virtualization myths that need to be taken into account for an accurate IT ROI calculation.

    Calculating ROI on IT projects is useful but not sufficient

    Calculating ROI on IT projects is useful and necessary. Though it may seem that the IT ROI calculation formula is straightforward, here’s a line of caution: it doesn't always tell you everything you need to know. CIOs using ROI to gauge the value of an important IT project might want to keep in mind that numbers do lie -- or at least they don't tell you everything you need to know. Don’t just go on face value. The links below include ROI analysis of a few companies to give you a heads up on the other factors you need to consider.

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This was last published in December 2011

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