Do I need to take CCNP before CCVP?

In this response, Ed Tittel helps a sales engineer determine whether CCVP is enough certification to get a good job and whether CCNP is a good idea to take before CCVP.

I am a sales engineer who's worked for the same telecom manufacturer for the last five years. I have the background for PSTN voice. I am considering pursuing CCVP as it's close to my background, and I have the following questions for you:

  1. Is CCVP enough to get me a good job?
  2. I am currently preparing for the CCNA exam. I plan to take CCVP after CCNA, but someone suggested to me to take CCNP before CCVP, because some routing knowledge in CCNP will be good for me to study CCVP. What do you think? Do I need to take CCNP before CCVP?

The CCVP is a good solid certification in the Cisco program. By itself, that may still not be enough to land just anybody a job. But because you have five years of direct telecom experience as well, the combination of that job history and a CCVP is probably enough to help you find yourself in another job, with the application of some effort on your part for a job search. If you have the time and money to earn a CCNP after your CCNA and before your CCVP it certainly can't hurt you, and indeed it will certainly prepare you for anything routing related on the CCVP exam. I'm not sure I'd treat it as a absolute pre-requisite however; it's really more of a "nice to have" credential in your case.

Best of luck with your exams and studies.

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