Citrix virtualisation licensing, pricing and features mini guide

If your organisation is looking at Citrix virtualisation to meet its IT needs, this guide offers info on Citrix XenServer virtualisation and Citrix licensing, pricing and features.

If you are looking to Citrix virtualisation technologies to meet your organisation’s needs, you’ll need information about Citrix licensing, features and price points. We’ve put together a Citrix guide to answer your questions and help you confidently make your decision.

In this learning guide, we focus on Citrix XenServer virtualisation, with expert advice, articles, podcasts, and even a Q&A with Citrix’s CTO. Our compilation of resources covers the pros and cons of the Citrix licensing model as well as how it compares with VMware’s licensing model. We also cover key Citrix pricing information and detail the important features of Citrix’s Xen virtualisation technology.

Let this guide be your one-stop resource centre for information and advice on Citrix virtualisation licensing, pricing and features.

This is the third instalment in a series of guides on pricing, licensing and features for the top three virtualisation vendors. Be sure to check out our resources on VMware and Microsoft virtualisation products as well.


Citrix licensing explained

Citrix per-server licensing and the floating anonymous user
Citrix’s licensing approach -- the so-called floating anonymous user or concurrency-based licensing model -- is a refreshing departure from the wider industry approach, says expert Mike Laverick. Read why. 

The appeal of Citrix licensing: Hypervisors and per-server licenses
This article offers more details on Citrix licensing and how it differs from other products in the market. What’s appealing about Citrix’s per-server approach is its simplicity and the vendor’s commitment to the per-server model.

Citrix XenServer license considerations
Though Citrix XenServer is free, a few components will likely need to be purchased for a complete XenServer instalment. In this expert tip, learn about XenServer licensing and which important factors you should consider.

Using Citrix XenServer Platinum trial software
Find out how to get an activation code and guide your way through the evaluation software and license downloads.

Citrix Essentials, XenServer licensing Q&A
XenServer expert Sander van Vugt explains how Citrix licensing works, how to get started with demo licenses and infrastructure requirements to run Citrix virtualisation products.


Citrix pricing information

What's behind the Citrix XenServer surge?
This article details how factors such as cost and the integration with other Citrix offerings are pushing the adoption of XenServer hypervisor.

With XenServer 6.0, Citrix takes another stab a VMware
With the launch of XenServer 6.0, Citrix eyed the VMware market share. As professionals seek value for every penny they spend, are the high costs of many advanced VMware features making the cheaper XenServer more appealing?

Citrix: ‘This is the year’ of self service for virtualised enterprises
The do-it-yourself provisioning concept can be an excellent cost-saving strategy. Find out why Citrix thinks 2011 is the year of self service within the virtualisation industry. 


Citrix virtualisation features

Open source Xen vs. Citrix XenServer

This comparison will help you choose between Citrix XenServer and other open source Xen virtualisation technologies by outlining some key differences.

Citrix XenServer guide: Hypervisor comparison and configuration
This tutorial will help you understand the capabilities of the Citrix virtualisation offering and help determine whether it best suits your needs.

Citrix’s CTO on XenServer and the cloud
In this interview, Citrix’s Simon Crosby talks about Citrix XenServer virtualisation, converged infrastructures and the cloud.

Citrix focuses on choice with XenServer 6.0, Project Olympus
This news analysis discusses the interoperability features on Citrix XenServer 6.0 and Microsoft System Center.  

Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat still lag VMware in virtualisation features
Although XenServer surged in sales last year, it still lags in features when compared to its rivals, especially VMware. But the vendor is making efforts to catch up.

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