FCoE: Is your data storage infrastructure ready?

Learn about the data storage infrastructure requirements of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), FCoE's impact on the Fibre Channel director switch market, the technology's rate of adoption by UK users and more.

If your organisation has any plans to upgrade or replace its data storage infrastructure in the near future, chances are you've at least given Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) some consideration.

SearchStorage.co.UK has compiled some of our resources on FCoE to provide UK data storage managers with an in-depth look at the technology. Check out the content below to learn about the enterprise data storage requirements for FCoE, the impact FCoE is having on the Fibre Channel director switch market, the technology's rate of adoption by UK users and more.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet Special Report for enterprise data storage professionals

For organisations looking to upgrade their data storage infrastructure, FCoE is probably on the radar, especially for those that are already invested in FC. But making the move from Fibre Channel to Fibre Channel over Ethernet can be a complex process that requires many considerations.

This Special Report examines how to get from FC to FCoE through an in-depth look at the network architecture considerations for FCoE, the enterprise data storage requirements for FCoE and an FCoE deployment checklist.

Will Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) bring a fabric switch product shakedown?

According to SearchStorage.co.UK contributor Chris Mellor, many network switch vendors won't provide deep FCoE functionality. So does this mean that storage-area network (SAN) fabric management will be dominated by the likes of Brocade, Cisco Systems and IBM? And what does this mean for FC SAN users with SAN management in the fabric looking to make the move to FCoE?

In this article, Mellor examines if the benefits of FCoE will eventually lead to a mix up in the fabric switch product market. Learn about the impact FCoE will have on SAN fabric switches, including IBM's SAN Volume Controller (SVC), Cisco's Nexus switches, Brocade's DCX line and others.

Upgrades, training costs slow Fibre Channel over Ethernet adoption

While FCoE allows users to consolidate server and storage traffic onto a single Ethernet platform, UK users have been slow to adopt the technology due to upgrade costs and training complexities. But regardless of the debate over the benefits and drawbacks of FCoE, many products are now beginning to appear in IT shops.

Learn FCoE's rate of adoption by UK users, the benefits of deploying FCoE, as well as some user concerns associated with the technology.

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