Podcast: Adobe enhances security in software products

The protected mode in the latest versions...

The protected mode in the latest versions of Adobe software is aimed at mitigating the types of threats that have plagued users of the firm's Acrobat and Reader products.

Adobe Acrobat X and Reader X include a sandbox approach aimed at reducing both the frequency and impact of security vulnerabilities.

"This is a great mitigation technology to help address the type of threats we have been seeing," said Brad Arkin, senior director of product security and privacy at Adobe.

"The tremendous amount of testing that goes into a major version release gives us the confidence that we didn't break anything and everything works as it should," he said.

The company has been plagued by security problems and has had to issue several unscheduled patches to defend against attacks using PDF files.

Computer Weekly's Warwick Ashford asked Arkin to detail the use of sandboxing and other security enhancements used in the latest generation of software.


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Podcast: Adobe enhances security in software products

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