Opinion + audio: UK companies must improve business continuity

UK companies are still not doing enough to ensure business continuity, according to the Continuity Forum.

UK companies are still not doing enough to ensure business continuity, according to the Continuity Forum.

The Forum is a non-governmental organisation that provides independent advice and support to public and private sectors on business continuity.

Forum chairman, Russell Price, told Computer Weekly that despite improvements in technological capability, more than half of UK companies do not have specific business continuity plans in place.

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“Disappointingly, on a national basis the uptake and development of business continuity has remained rather static,” said Price.

A recent report published jointly by the Continuity Forum, Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and the Civil Contingencies Secretariat in the Cabinet Office shows that the level of continuity planning has remained static for the past six years.

Only 47% of the more than 700 respondents to a survey conducted among CMI members indicated they had a business plan in place, but this has changed little since the 2002 survey level of 45%.

“So it is those who have already bought into the principles and are gaining the value of business continuity that are refining their plans, rather than the message and the value being extended into new companies,” said Price.

The Continuity Forum, he said, had fought to maintain its independence to enable it to work effectively in public and private sectors and provide a link between business continuity service providers, end users, and local and national authorities.

If the player hasn't loaded, you can follow this link instead to hear what Russell Price has to say about how the Continuity Forum is helping to co-ordinate public and private initiatives.

This was last published in April 2008

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