Cyber espionage prevention strategies for your business

Cyber espionage has become a common threat. Join cyber security expert Jeffrey Carr, as he discusses ways to protect your organization from cyber espionage.

Since the beginning of trade, espionage has been as a major information security concern for the enterprise. To add to these woes, the corporate now needs to fight this battle on the cyberspace front as well.  This is why cyber espionage has rapidly emerged as a key security challenge for several enterprises in today’s boundary-less world.

During this podcast, Jeffrey Carr, the Founder and CEO of Taia Global will explain cyber espionage’s exact nature, and how businesses can protect their sensitive data. Carr will also discuss the following cyber espionage aspects: 

• Difference between the concepts of cyber warfare and cyber espionage

• Cyber tactics used to conduct corporate espionage

• Take on China’s cyber espionage activities

• Tips for organizations to protect themselves from cyber espionage attacks

Biography:  Jeffrey Carr is the founder and CEO of Taia Global. Carr is a cyber intelligence expert who specializes in the investigation of cyber attacks against governments and infrastructure by state and non-state blackhat hackers. He has authored a book called ‘Inside Cyber Warfare’, and has spoken about issues related to cyber warfare at various events.

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