Mobile networks

  • November 20, 2019 20 Nov'19

    Extreme stretches datacentre fabric with added automation

    As the battle for the datacentre becomes much more than speeds and feeds, Extreme Networks announces new capabilities for its Fabric Automation software

  • November 20, 2019 20 Nov'19

    Ryanair checks in Vodafone for business-class infrastructure

    Budget airline gets upgrade in Vodafone Business communication technology infrastructure to support 300 sites and 153 million passengers across 40 countries

  • November 20, 2019 20 Nov'19

    FCC opts for public C-band auction

    US telecoms regulator disappoints satellite consortium with decision to go to public, not private, auction of spectrum in the 3.7-4.2 GHz band to develop 5G

  • November 19, 2019 19 Nov'19

    Huawei shrugs off latest US reprieve

    Chinese tech giant dismisses the latest extension of the US Temporary General Licence and maintains that the US government is harming its own interests in banning it