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Aberdeen City Council launches next phase of fibre broadband programme

A further 57 council sites around Aberdeen will be connected to CityFibre’s gigabit broadband backhaul network in the coming months

CityFibre is to extend its Gigabit City full-fibre broadband backhaul network in Aberdeen to 57 new public sector sites after signing an enhanced agreement with Aberdeen City Council.

The new sites to be connected include schools, offices, libraries and community centres, and will be delivered under the auspices of the Capita-run Scottish Wide Area Network (Swan) programme.

On completion, the core Aberdeen fibre network is set to run to over 100km in length and will connect 166 key core sites to gigabit broadband services, future-proofing the council’s connectivity plans and helping to augment its wider digital capabilities, as well as providing the foundations for future smart city projects.

By partnering with CityFibre, we have positioned Aberdeen as one of the best-connected cities with some of the best digitally equipped public services in the country,” said Aberdeen City Council co-leader Douglas Lumsden.

“As well as revolutionising our technology systems and services, CityFibre’s ongoing investment has already helped attract top talent and continued investment at a critical time for the city,” he said.

“Having already experienced the benefits of gigabit speed connectivity – in schools, libraries and our own council offices – we are excited by the prospect of having even more digital capability as a result of the expansion. We have no doubt the news will be well received by our public and private sector communities alike.”

Aberdeen City Council hopes that besides enabling its own activities, the wider business community in the city will also benefit from the network, both in terms of enabling wider full-fibre connectivity, and attracting new investment and talent to the area.

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  • Public sector bodies are being invited to apply for funding from a £190m fund designed to stimulate local-level investment in FTTP broadband services.
  • BT has set aside £20m for an FTTP roll out in Northern Ireland and hopes to pass 140,000 properties by March 2019.

“To meet the demands of the digital age, it is paramount we have reliable, future-proof connectivity to support new industries as they emerge and help traditional industries evolve,” said James McClafferty, CityFibre’s head of regional development for Scotland.

“The city’s potential as a key player in the UK’s digital economy is starting to be recognised and our aim is to bolster this by building the full-fibre foundations it needs for continued success.”

Despite early teething troubles, the Swan network is already available across a wide area of Scotland, and is now thought to have connected 6,000 public sector sites across the country.

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