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CCS extends G-Cloud 9 until May 2019

The government has extended G-Cloud 9 for up to 12 months, meaning the next iteration of the framework is unlikely to go live before May 2019

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has confirmed the 10th version of the G-Cloud procurement framework will be delayed by up to 12 months.

The government said the extension would allow time to “enable wider functionality improvements” on the next iteration of the framework.

In an extension notification to suppliers, CCS said the decision to extend was “not being taken lightly”, but would allow the government to ensure the new iteration of the platform met “more user needs”.

“Previously, we have undertaken continuous and regular refreshes for each of the individual agreements. However, this hasn’t always given us adequate time for the Digital Marketplace to be developed beyond simply the refresh of these agreements, to meet identified user needs,” said the CCS.

“More time is needed to transform the platform and make it scalable and more flexible, enabling more framework services and improved customer and supplier functionality based on what user needs have been identified.”

G-Cloud-listed IT suppliers have voiced concerns around possible delays, saying a delay to G-Cloud 10 could harm digital transformation efforts in the public sector.

Speaking to Computer Weekly last week, Peter Middleton, chair of the Cloud Industry Forum’s G-Cloud-focused Special Interest Group, said any significant delay in the roll-out of G-Cloud 10 would go against the founding principles of the framework.

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“It would be a fundamental betrayal of the whole G-Cloud principles to drive innovation, choice and value, and it would be particularly bad for SMEs,” he said.

“It’s a case of do that [delay] at your peril because it would be fundamentally breaking the trust model that underpins G-Cloud in the marketplace.”

G-Cloud 9 went live in May 2017, but the government has the right to extend it by up to a year if needed. CCS has also extended the Digital Outcomes and Specialist 2 framework and the Cyber Securities Services 2 framework until 2019. CCS said the extensions may be terminated earlier, should the new frameworks be ready earlier than expected.  

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