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Middle East insurance broker migrates backup to the cloud

Middle East finance firm is increasingly moving to the cloud as the business grows

Sharjah-based Cosmos Insurance Brokers has automated its manual backup and disaster recovery (DR) processes through the cloud.

This is part of a wider strategy to embrace the latest technologies aimed at improving its insurance and brokerage services.

Founded in 1990 in the emirate of Sharjah, the company provides insurance and brokerage services in the Middle East.

Over the last five years, the company’s business footprint has steadily grown. So too did the volume of data, which meant the company’s manual backup procedures were even more complex to manage.

It implemented WannaGo Cloud Services to automate and replace these manual processes with the help of systems integrator Think Software Services.

As operations for the company have grown, the company faced technical glitches when creating backups on hardware, and that influenced the insurance provider to move to the cloud,” said Jeetu Punjabi, Dubai branch manager at Cosmos Insurance Brokers. “Creating backups daily is routine, and without an in-house IT team, we are not geared up to perform all these functions.”

To overcome the challenges this presented and more efficiently manage the high volume of data the business was generating as the operations grew, the firm opted to automate its manual backup and DR processes. “Cloud backup services from WannaGo Cloud Services were high on the company’s agenda because we didn’t want to invest in our own IT team,” he said. “Our choice of cloud was out of a preference to focus on our core business and leave the IT aspect to the experts.”

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The company is already benefitting from cloud computing. He said its IT services partner, Think Software Services, initially helped it move its emails to the cloud six years ago. “We have seen major benefits after moving to the cloud, and we are now moving our servers through vitualisation to the cloud as a progressive step,” he said.

When the company needed to change its IT infrastructure, it deliberated over whether to go the cloud route or host the servers on-premise. “We finally decided that migrating to the cloud is much easier managed than physical IT infrastructure,” he said.

“We do not need to invest in resources, nor do we have the technical know-how to manage them. We felt it would be better to outsource the technological aspect that supports the business and hand it over to IT experts.”

Understanding the business needs, collecting information and consulting with the team at Think Software Services was critical for Cosmos when implementing the WannaGo Cloud Services cloud backup solution.

Easy installation

Punjabi said the installation of the system was easy. “We don’t have to do a lot internally,” he said. “We just have to gauge the requirements and take them to the WannaGo Cloud Services team. They take care of the rest.”

Since the company has automated all backup and DR processes to the cloud, it’s exploring the possibility of migrating more business applications to the cloud. “We want to initiate a trial phase and are currently still observing WannaGo Cloud Services. We are sure we will see more benefits down the line,” he said.

“Once we’re stable with our current projects and are at a place where we want to be, we have several plans of making our policies and conditions easily accessible to our customers over the internet,” he said.

“We plan to create apps that would help our customers send their claims online and access our products, services and policies as and when required, which completely eliminates the need for any physical copies and improves customer experience.”

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