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Storage the favourite use case for public cloud customers

Despite lingering trust issues, storage and backup are key use cases in the public cloud, says Barracuda survey. Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure is Europe’s favourite cloud provider

Storage and backup are the most common use cases for the public cloud and Microsoft Azure is Europe’s favourite cloud platform.

Those are the findings of a survey by backup product and service supplier Barracuda.

Nearly four out of five (77%) respondents to a survey of 550 European IT decision-makers (150 in the UK) cited storage as their key cloud workload, with 57% citing backup and recovery.

Behind that came application hosting (54%), data analytics (51%), customer relationship management (CRM) (46%), application testing and development (38%), and desktop virtualisation (33%).

Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure was found to be the most commonly used cloud platform (57%), with Amazon Web Services (46%), Google Cloud (38%) and IBM Bluemix (26%) behind it.

In the UK, Azure was more popular than elsewhere in Europe, with 67% of respondents more likely to use it.

On average, respondents said their organisation uses two public cloud service providers, with a higher figure in Germany (three). Of those that use more than one, the most likely reasons for doing so are that different providers have different strengths (55%) and that it increases security (44%).

On average, respondents’ organisations have 34.5% of their infrastructure in the public cloud, with this set to increase to 62.5% in the next five years. The UK average is lower, with 29% of infrastructure in the public cloud. The European cloud hotspot is Belgium/Netherlands with 40.5% of infrastructure hosted in the cloud.

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Respondents reported that 20% of their organisation’s annual IT budget is spent on public cloud, on average, with this being higher (25%) among those in Belgium/Netherlands.

Trust in the cloud has increased with progress towards greater use, but reservations still exist.

When it comes to trust, 58% said they trust in the public cloud more than they did five years ago, and that is Europe-wide. The UK fell below that average with 52% saying they trust more in the public cloud now than five years ago.

Only about two in five (43%) of those surveyed felt totally confident that their organisation’s move to the public cloud is secure, with this being lowest (31%) for respondents in the UK.

About three in five (57%) respondents said that their organisation has added extra security measures to their public cloud to protect it during access. That figure is only 43% for the UK, however.

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