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VMware expands support for Horizon Cloud to include Microsoft Azure

Virtualisation giant strikes up public cloud partnership with Microsoft to support users that want to run their business applications and desktops in Azure

VMware is to start offering users the option to host their virtual desktops and business applications in the Microsoft Azure public cloud some time in the second half of 2017.

The technology tie-up means VMware users will have a wider choice of infrastructure environments – spanning private and public cloud – in which to host their virtual desktops and business applications, as the virtualisation giant moves to expand the capabilities of its Horizon Cloud offering.

The service, announced by VMware in February 2017, provides users with a cloud-based management console that enables them to shift the hosting requirements of their applications and virtual desktops between cloud and on-premise environments, according to their business and performance needs.

Sumit Dhawan, senior vice-president and general manager for end-user computing at VMware, said the Microsoft Azure integration reinforces the company’s commitment to delivering on its cross-cloud services vision.

Debuted at the VMworld US user conference in August 2016, the company’s cross-cloud services strategy has seen the company reposition itself as a supplier of supporting technologies and add-ons that can help enterprises get more out of their Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform deployments

“The addition of VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure puts VMware in a unique position to offer customers several infrastructure options for virtual desktops and applications with the flexibility to move between different platforms,” said Dhawan.

Robert Young, research director at IDC, said adding support for Microsoft Azure could speed up the adoption of VMware Horizon Cloud across the globe, given that the public cloud is available across 38 geographical regions.

“The addition of a major cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure has the potential to accelerate the adoption of VMware Horizon among customers searching for a different way to manage and deliver Windows 10 desktops and applications,” said Young.

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This is important for many end-user organisations that are looking for new ways to consume desktop services at lower cost and that offer greater business agility, he added.

Kevin Klosiewski, cloud services manager at US-based chemical supplier Hydrite Chemical Company, backs this view, claiming that the use of Horizon Cloud has rapidly accelerated the deployment of new desktops and business applications to his staff.

“We believe the future of computing is virtual and VMware Horizon Cloud enables us to deploy desktops and applications to new employees significantly faster, and offers greater platform agility,” he said.

“Whether it’s our sales team using tablets in the field or staff working with thin clients, they can easily access their desktops or applications without skipping a beat.” ....................................................................................................................................

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