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House of Fraser drops Oracle support to invest in multi-channel retail

IT departments need to cut costs to reinvest in new projects. House of Fraser has a multi-channel strategy and Oracle support wasn’t strategic

Retailer House of Fraser has replaced its Oracle maintenance contract with one from third-party software maintenance provider Rimini Street.

The company has switched support of its standalone Oracle database licences from Oracle to Rimini Street after two years of using Rimini Street for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

Businesses pay 22% of the original software purchase price for Oracle support, and as older products move to extended support, costs increase. Companies can easily pay Oracle multiples of the original purchase price to maintain products in the long term.

Third-party support, such as Rimini Street, aims to reduce support costs. According to its online calculator, Rimini Street claims it can reduce support costs by more than 70% on a $1m Oracle database licence.

Neal Johnson, director of IT service and operations at House of Fraser, said: “Making the decision to move support for our standalone Oracle databases to Rimini Street was a simple one, and the transition could not have been smoother or easier. We have peace of mind knowing that our payroll update requirements, software customisations and database products are all supported, and at a fraction of what we were paying Oracle in annual support fees.”

According to Rimini Street, House of Fraser was able to avoid an expensive, forced EBS upgrade while continuing to receive mission-critical payroll updates to its existing EBS release. It also received full support for its customised code – all for no additional fee, said Rimini Street.

“The focus of our technology investment at House of Fraser is our multichannel operations and in-store experience,” said Johnson. “These are strategic initiatives that will generate far greater value to the business and our customers than performing an upgrade to the EBS 12 release, or continuing to pay annual supplier support fees for our databases.

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“With Rimini Street, our EBS applications and Oracle databases will be a solid and secure platform for our business needs moving forward, and a perfect fit for our strategy to optimise IT costs and better align IT to drive business innovation and competitive advantage.

“In fact, we are looking at purchasing new products from Oracle in the near future, and this is certainly underpinned by the comfort and knowledge that we can partner with Rimini Street on the support of these products.”

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