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Rackspace to roll out managed service support for Google Cloud Platform in Q3 2017

Managed cloud company becomes first managed service provider partner for the Google Cloud Platform

Rackspace will add the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to the roll call of public cloud providers it can offer enterprise-managed service support for later this year.

Speaking to Computer Weekly, Patrick Lee, general manager of Rackspace’s Google Business, said the move will enable Rackspace to tap into the growing demand for the search giant’s cloud services, while helping customers keen to mix and match offerings from different providers.

“The momentum around the Google Cloud Platform is quickly gaining pace, and as businesses move workloads there, they’re looking for specialist expertise to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

“By providing Fanatical Support for Google Cloud, we’ll increase the ways we can help businesses maximise the benefits of using different clouds and meet their evolving needs in this rapidly expanding market.”

The multi-cloud model is proving increasingly popular with enterprises, according to market watcher IDC, which recently claimed 95% of organisations favour this model of IT service consumption.

However, organisations that embark on a multi-cloud strategy can run into trouble when it comes to integrating services from competing suppliers, said Lee.

“Businesses can employ specialists directly [to assist with this], however this can present its own challenge because of the cost and time required in recruiting and retaining this talent,” he said.

“Ultimately, we can guide them through the array of services offered by the leading providers, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they map to individual businesses’ specific needs.”

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The announcement marks Rackspace out as Google’s first managed services support partner, and will see the firm assist enterprises with moving to GCP, as well as offering ongoing operational support for any workloads running on the platform.

In a statement, Benjamin Smith, director of engineering support at Google Cloud, said the partnership stands to benefit the firm’s shared user base.

“We’re working with Rackspace to extend on-call engineering support to our shared customers. Rackspace already has Google Certified Professionals on staff, and we will continue to work together to roll out managed services for GCP,” said Smith.

Rackspace already offers managed services support for the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and VMware cloud technologies, and the Google version set to launch in the third quarter of 2017.

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