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Crystal Palace Football Club uses app to securely share tactical information

IT is helping Crystal Palace football team to prepare for matches

Premier League football club Crystal Palace is using a content messaging app to share videos that help players learn from previous games and prepare for future matches.

The Premier League team is using the Pushfor platform to ensure that confidential content can be shared with players on their smartphones without the wrong people obtaining it.

The club has even created its own branded version of the app.

Crystal Palace’s performance analysis team now has control over the content players receive. Analytics tools show who has viewed what content, helping to keep track of how players are accessing information. Additional security is in place through technology that causes content to expire on its own after use, and enable content to be recalled.

Prior to using Pushfor, performance analysts at Crystal Palace gave players information during team meetings as well as DVDs to take home. Every Crystal Palace player now uses the app.

“Pushfor has become a fail-safe tool for us, and a vital part of our working week. Players are using Pushfor in their own unique way, to suit their individual needs; some are known to watch videos in the comfort of their home, while others use it right before a match,” said Liam Sweeting, senior performance analyst at Crystal Palace Football Club.

Information technology has long been used by businesses to help them understand where they are doing well and where they need to improve. Today, all kinds of sports clubs are using technology to not only improve the business through engagement with fans, but also improving performances on the pitch.

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For example, Leicester City, the current Premier League champions, have been using a number of sophisticated data and analytical tools, coupled with wearable technology, for years. The data collected can be used to inform the coaching process and tailor training programmes to the needs of individual players based on their performances.

Also, in October 2013, the German Football Association (DFB) and SAP began collaborating to develop a software system to give match insights into the German national team to use in preparation for and during the tournament. SAP delivered a prototype in March 2014 and the team’s management has been using the software ever since.

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