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PizzaExpress UAE upgrades customer Wi-Fi and adds analytics platform

UAE-based restaurant chain has upgraded its Wi-Fi and introduced a platform to help it understand customer behaviour

PizzaExpress UAE is offering its customers high-speed Wi-Fi and ispicking up valuable insights through an analytics platform, following a deal with cloud supplier Purple and IT services company CDW.

With support from CDW, the fast food chain has implemented hardware, software and services in all of its restaurants in the UAE with Cisco cloud Wi-Fi and network security arm Cisco Meraki, Wi-Fi and analytics platform supplier Purple, and Microsoft Office 365.

PizzaExpress UAE decided to replace its previous guest Wi-Fi after customers complained of patchy connectivity. At the same time, it wanted to take advantage of the customer behaviour data that can be gleaned from online activity.

Previously, the restaurant chain’s marketing team had little visibility of how often people visited, what their favourite meals were, when they were due loyalty offers and how they interacted socially with the brand. This limited its ability to offer customers what they wanted and therefore increase satisfaction and, ultimately, sales. 

After the implementation of the Wi-Fi and analytics software, the company can export data into a separate database via the API, and then use this data to keep CRM and email marketing records up to date. 

Its existing database contained about 30,000 email addresses and, following the installation of the Purple platform, the details of a further 10,000 unique active customers were collected within a few weeks.

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Nick Freeman, head of marketing at PizzaExpress UAE, said: “Compared to the other platforms we looked at, Purple is more robust, the reports are impressive and the portal is far more visually appealing and easy to understand. The automated emails are good for saving time, allowing us to focus on planning new marketing campaigns.”

The option for customers to log in through social media has proved popular, with almost 2,000 people logging into the Wi-Fi through Facebook alone in the first few weeks.

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