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Colt embarks on business network upgrade

Network services supplier Colt has committed to a system-wide network upgrade to supply customers with bandwidth levels of up to 100Gbps

Business network services supplier Colt is to embark on a major network upgrade to give its enterprise, telecoms carrier and web-centric customers access to bandwidth levels of up to 100Gbps.

The firm, which bills itself as the largest independent fibre network operator in Europe, plans to make a significant – though undisclosed – investment in its core, to build out a multi-terabit optical backbone and next-generation packet network optimised for ultrafast business connectivity.

It said that at a time when the likes of BT were prioritising investments in consumer-driven services such as wireless and content assets, it was taking steps to enable and future-proof critical business connectivity demands. These demands have been increasing as more applications and infrastructure moved into the cloud and datacentre.

 “We are causing a major disruption in the telecoms market, similar to that now being played out in cloud computing,” said Colt CEO Carl Grivner. “Old business models are breaking down and technology is taking a major leap forward, driven by software and virtualisation.

“Colt is investing heavily in its core strength – the network – to stay ahead of the business transformation curve as our customers expect.”

The investment will support a datacentre-focused, distributed technology that offers direct connections to 200 key datacentres, carrier hotels and cloud aggregation points, explained CTO Rajiv Datta. Colt currently delivers connectivity to 680 datacentres, more than 24,000 on-net buildings.

As a result of the improvements, Colt said it would be able to offer pre-positioned high-capacity connectivity, ready for rapid service delivery, enabling customers to scale up when their data usage requirements required it.

“Colt’s network investment is centred around creating a scalable and flexible platform that provides customers with choices that meet the varying service requirements of different applications,” said Datta.

“This platform will further enable our award-winning product portfolio, including innovative, software-defined networking (SDN) products and ethernet services, to provide value to our customers as they transition to this agile, cloud-centric world,” he concluded.

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