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Hewlett Packard Enterprise extends on-demand analytics

HPE adds a set of pre-built analytics functions on to its Haven OnDemand service to simplify business intelligence app development

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has extended its Haven analytics product into the Azure cloud, offering an on-demand service of pre-built analytics tools.

Haven OnDemand Combinations fits alongside the company’s Idol range of machine learning tools and Vertica product for structured data analysis.

HPE describes it as a “cloud-based product” built on the HPE Haven OnDemand platform, which enables developers to apply the power of machine learning to build applications more easily than was previously possible.

The service is aimed at giving customers a modern way to make use of analytics, HPE said.

Fernando Lucini, HPE’s chief technology officer, said: “Haven OnDemand Combinations is used to get value as quickly as possible.”

The company has built Haven OnDemand as a container with 70 application programming interfaces (APIs) running on the Azure cloud.

When used through a drag and drop development environment, these APIs can enable coders to produce cognitive apps and services, HPE said. It also simplifies and streamlines the coding process, significantly reducing the time needed to build cognitive apps.

Such as with Idol, Haven OnDemand Combinations uses the idea of connectors to get at on-premise data. Lucini said the connectors are used to extract the text and understand metadata tags.

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When asked about security of the data, Lucini said the data always remains on-premise. He said the connectors in Haven OnDemand Combinations maintain the security of the original data.

Describing the role of Haven OnDemand Combinations, Lucini said it offered “self service” to make it as simple as possible for customers to create analytics.

“The end game is to build an app. Our job to do the heavy lifting part,” he said.

In effect, HPE has engineered a set of plug and play analytics components, which can be combined in a multitude of ways, to perform analytics processing.

HPE has also made a number of improvements to its Vertica tool. Version 8 includes a number of data movement and orchestration enhancements, which HPE claimed boosted data loading by 700%.

The company said Vertica 8 has also simplified data loading from Amazon S3, and now supports visual monitoring of Apache Kafka data streams. ... ... ... ... ...

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