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Security Serious launches cyber security Unsung Heroes awards

Gathering aims to recognise the people on the front line of cyber threats, saving companies from financial and reputational harm

The Security Serious Week campaign, aimed at helping organisations become more security savvy, has expanded to include awards for the so-called unsung heroes of cyber security.

The first Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards are now open for entries, aimed at recognising the people on the front line of the fight against cyber threats, saving companies from financial and reputational harm. The ceremony will take place on 6 October 2016, during Security Serious Week.

“The awards are designed to give the unsung heroes in IT security the recognition that they deserve for going above and beyond the call of duty and saving their organisations from hackers, malware and virus infections,” said Yvonne Eskenzi, director of Eskenzi PR, the consultancy behind Security Serious Week.

“After 20 years in the industry, we’ve noticed that awards in our sector tend to focus on technology, which is all well and good, but we also know that getting these technologies to work as they’re supposed to, and getting the word out about cyber security threats, is just as important,” she said.

Security Serious Week runs from 3-7 October 2016, and features more than 50 free webinars hosted by cyber security experts, aimed at encouraging others to become more security savvy. 

In 2015, more than 2,500 people participated in the 45 free webinars covering topics such as preparing for the uropean General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), social engineering and security awareness, ways to protect sensitive data, next-generation security, dealing with the shortage of cyber security skillscyber insurance and incident response.

In addition to the webinars, the 2016 Security Serious Week includes a subsidised cyber security conference on 3 October at the Department of Culture, Media and Sports.

The week will culminate in celebrating the work of cyber security professionals through the Unsung Heroes Awards, which are free to enter and attend.

There are awards in 14 categories, ranging from “Godfather of Security” (recognising an individual who has contributed greatly to the IT security industry for more than 25 years) to the “Security Avengers” award (for the best IT security team and how they averted a security disaster).

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