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Wi-Fi aggregator iPass offers SDK to simplify network access

iPass launches a software development kit to let enterprises, operators and suppliers integrate its technology and services into devices and apps

Global Wi-Fi network operator and hotspot aggregator iPass is to offer a software development kit (SDK) to enterprises, mobile network operators and device suppliers as part of a new programme to let third parties embed mobile connectivity into their applications.

The SmartConnect SDK will embed iPass’ technologies and services into Android and iOS devices and apps, providing always-on wireless connectivity and access to iPass’s 50 million-strong hotspot network in 120 countries.

IPass president and CEO Gary Griffiths said: “The launch of our SDK [is] the key building block in our goal to be embedded on one billion devices by the end of 2017.

“Our new developer programme unlocks our technology to the endless creativity of our customers.”

The SDK gives developers access to the application programming interfaces (APIs) that unlock iPass’s core technologies to activate, authenticate, connect and create custom interfaces for presenting and selecting available networks to join.

It is also building a quality of service (QoS) database for Wi-FI networks inside and outside of the iPass network, meaning it can make better network connection decisions on behalf of its customers by automatically connecting to the best Wi-Fi hotspot available.

The supplier believes embedding mobile connectivity will be ideal for a number of use cases, such as bringing to market cost-effective alternatives to 4G networks where they are not available, or to bolster existing airline, hospitality and retail loyalty apps.

“Ultimately, it will increase the value of a broad swath of mobile applications, as developers anywhere can incorporate our global Wi-Fi connectivity product, while maintaining control over their brands and technology platforms,” said Griffiths.

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