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Met Police tenders for integrated police system

The Metropolitan Police is looking to procure an integrated policing system in a 10-year contract worth up to £150m

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has gone out to tender for an integrated policing system in a contract worth between £80m and £150m.

The MPS wants a single integrated system “that manages information end-to-end business policing processes in relation to investigation, detention (custody), intelligence and case management”, according to the tender document.

The services included in the procurement include a third line support call handling and management system, implementation and data migration, development of interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs) and training.

According to the tender document, there are two hosting options, with the first being to install and operate the system from MPS nominated datacentres. The other is a provision of secure hosting, allowing the MPS to move to a cloud-hosted option.

The supplier may also have to provide several other functionalities such as biometric future capabilities, digital forensics investigations, complaints management and public access portals.

In 2014, the Met released its Total Technology IT strategy, which aims for more agile, flexible and responsive technologies. In February 2016, it awarded two contracts – one for hosting and one for user services – to CSC, worth a total of £250m.

In March 2016, the Met decided to scrap its command and control system contract with Northrop Grumman, as there was “no prospect of a finished product being delivered” in time.

The decision came after the MPS was forced to stick with its  30-year-old command and control system for three more years after serious delays to the replacement system – which was originally due to go live in October 2015.

The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (Mopac) is now looking at the possibility of pursuing a claim against the supplier for costs and damages.

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