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University moves library management to Capita cloud

University of Lincoln puts its library management system into a cloud hosted by Capita to improve student experiences

The University of Lincoln is moving its library services to the cloud under a deal with IT services firm Capita. The set-up will enable students to locate resources in different systems from a single search box.

Through Capita’s Chorus LMS cloud-based system, which the supplier will host, 14,000 students will be able to search all the university’s resources through a single search function, making the process easier and faster.

A web-based interface from Capita, known as Soprano, will be used to support staff in the library as well as those on the campus via mobile. Soprano, which is designed for mobile devices, will be used for stock management, reservations and general library tasks, such as responding to student enquiries.

University librarian Ian Snowley said user satisfaction is important if the university wants to attract students.

“Capita’s LMS will enable the library to deliver a great experience for our students by making it easier for them to search for and find the resources they need,” he said. “It will also equip staff with the tools to deliver excellent customer service.”

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Universities need to offer the latest IT because students see this as an important consideration when deciding where to study. Unlike most organisations, thousands of new clients (students) arrive at universities every year, with different demands.

While university IT teams can prepare for the numbers and anticipate the back-end systems they will need, there is also an element of the unknown, as many students arrive tooled up with the latest consumer technologies and expect to be able to use them. They are also a generation that has grown up with apps for everything.

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