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Norway’s TeliaSonera demonstrates 1Gbps 4.5G network

Norwegian operator TeliaSonera demonstrates the fastest download speeds yet obtained over a commercial mobile network

Mobile network operator (MNO) TeliaSonera Norway has demonstrated the fastest throughput speeds yet obtained on a live commercial network, hitting speeds of 1Gbps in Oslo.

The demonstration, using Huawei technology, is an important milestone towards the wider commercial availability of advanced Long Term Evolution (LTE-Advanced) networks, also known as 4.5G, which are expected to be rolled out to customers in 2016.

LTE-Advanced differs from a standard 4G LTE network by using multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) technology to deliver data faster using multiple antennae and signals. This means it can deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps, compared with around 300Mbps on standard 4G.

However, the jury is still out on whether MNOs will use LTE-Advanced to deliver gigabit speeds to consumers and business users, or exploit the technology to boost network capacity for everyone.

TeliaSonera’s demonstration used four frequency bands simultaneously – 800MHz, 1,800MHz, 2,100MHz and 2,600MHz.

TeliaSonera Norway CEO Abraham Foss said 4.5G would be the future mobile network for the next generation of telecoms companies.

“Our vision is to bring the world closer on the customer’s terms, and we will drive the digitalisation and create value for both our customers and society,” said Foss.

Huawei’s chief marketing officer of wireless products, Yang Chaobin, said 1Gbps throughput would be the benchmark for 4.5G networks, which will better support the use of high-definition voice and video services, wearables, drones, machine-to-machine comms and internet of things deployments.

TeliaSonera currently touches 95% of Norway’s population with standard 4G, offering up to 80Mbps, and 20% with 4G+, offering up to 300Mbps. It was one of the first global operators to market in 2009 with 4G services.

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