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Informatica launches big data management platform

Informatica has launched a “big data management” suite that it says adds data quality, governance and security to its data integration offer

Data integration company Informatica has announced a “big data management” suite that, it said, adds data quality, governance and security to its offer.

The suppiers said the system will help large enterprises overcome the data management problems that beset big data programmes. "It dramatically reduces the need for hand-coding and big data skill sets that are expensive and hard to come by,” said Informatica.

Anil Chakravarthy, acting chief executive officer at Informatica, said: “Data is no longer a by-product of business; it is the business, and only Informatica does end-to-end data management for big data.”

In a recent interview with Computer Weekly, at Salesforce’s customer and partner event Dreamforce, Chakravarthy said: “We are fundamentally a data company, and there is a big focus now on big data. Data security, too, is a nascent area. There is a ton of investment and spending in network security, and yet it is not solving the problem.

"Are CIOs confident about their security? Usually the answer is no, they are not. Think of all the unpublicised hacks, let alone the publicised ones. That is because security is network-centric, not data-centric.”

Amit Walia, executive vice-president and chief product officer at Informatica – who shares a background with Chakravarthy at both security and storage firm Symantec and at strategy consultancy McKinsey – said: “More than 75% of customers are still struggling to turn big data into value, so we are committed to helping organisations overcome the obstacles to big data success.”

Case study: KPN

Informatica said there are three “pillars” to its big data management system: Efficient ingestion of big data from stores such as Hadoop, NoSQL and MPP appliances; data quality and governance; and data level security.

Dutch telecommunications company KPN is an early adopter of Informatica’s big data management platform. Thomas Reichel, lead architect at the telco said: “Big data management plays a critical role at KPN as a data-driven company. Big data integration breaks down data silos to provide better customer intelligence.

"Big data governance and quality ensure that our business analysts can be confident with the data they’re using. Additionally, we have very strict laws in Europe around sensitive customer information and require the ability to discover the proliferation of sensitive information.

Therefore, we also need big data security that provides a 360-degree view of sensitive data, supported by risk analytics and policy-based protection of data at risk. We are taking a comprehensive approach to big data management at KPN.”

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