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Tech Partnership to create “digital lexicon”

Tech Partnership calls on employers to help with digital dictionary to simplify and demystify job applications

The Tech Partnership has called on employers to help create a “digital lexicon” to adjust the language used in job applications and demystify the industry for possible candidates interested in joining.

Tech Partnership is a network of employers that aims to create the skills needed to grow the global digital economy. Founding members include Cisco, BT, Capgemini, Tata Consultancy Services, Telefonica/O2, Accenture, Hewlett-Packard (HP), IBM and National Grid.

The digital dictionary aims to make jobs clearer and easier to understand, enable students to match their skills and strengths to available jobs and to help students realise the full range of jobs on offer in the sector.

A draft has been made for employers to comment on and amend during the consultation period.

In addition, Tech Partnership will run a series of consultation focus groups with young people and students. With a strong focus on young female students, the groups will include 16-17 year olds after GCSEs, 18 year olds after A-levels and 21 year olds after graduation.

On behalf of the Tech Partnership, Bob Clift, head of higher education, said: “One of the challenges we have always faced is how to improve the flow of young people into tech careers.

“If we, as a sector, were to present a simpler picture of the range of jobs most typically available through apprenticeships and graduate entry, then hopefully it will make a positive difference to future recruitment.”

In July 2014, the Tech Partnership landed an £18m investment from the government to bolster the UK’s digital skills development through education and skills opportunities.

The funding was announced by David Willetts, minister of state for universities and science, who said it will be added to the £11.5m private investment pot that Tech Partnership has already built up.

The fund aims to offer courses in subjects including cyber security, big data, cloud computing and e-commerce.

According to Tech Partnership, more than 1,000 individuals have already benefited from their companies being granted funding for training opportunities and a further 5,000 will be able to take advantage of the fund before March 2016.

By 2020 The Tech Partnership aims to:

  • Shift the gender balance: Securing a 50:50 gender balance in entry-level tech jobs will expand the pool of talent entering the sector.
  • Inspire young people: Establishing digital careers in the top quartile of desirable jobs in the view of 16-21 year olds will boost tech skills.
  • Increase job opportunities: Doubling the rate of recruitment from schools and universities will develop a pipeline of home-grown talent to support economic growth.

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