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Connected Data extends file sync and share to on-site NAS

Connected Data allows users to create internal Dropbox-type file sync and share services from any compatible enterprise NAS box with Transporter Network Storage Connector

Connected Data has announced the ability to extend its Dropbox-like functionality from its dedicated file sync and share Transporter for Business boxes to any supported network-attached storage (NAS) in an organisation.

The Transporter Network Storage Connector gives customers and their staff the ability to choose directories to be shared via mobile devices from any supported NAS storage box.

Transporter for Business is a series of appliances that range in capacity from 8TB to 24TB that provide customers with the ability to enable Dropbox-style cloud file sharing and collaboration to employees.

Up to 150 users per device can create and share company files with an unlimited number of colleagues.

Transporter for Business is effectively a NAS box, which replicates to other hardware instances while allowing users to save and share files from remote devices.

The functionality extends Transporter for Business file sharing capabilities to other NAS devices across the organisation. This addresses a limitation in previous versions that meant all data for sharing had to be migrated to the Connected Data boxes.

Now the directory and path can be mapped on any NAS system that is supported, namely common internet file system (CIFS) protocol-compatible systems and NetApp and Windows NAS in particular. Connected Data will, however, provide an online tool customers can use to test if their NAS systems are compatible.

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  • The crowded enterprise file sync and share market is poised for change, as functionality increasingly becomes a feature of larger products, analysts predict.
  • Commvault is among the first enterprise backup software makers to provide file sync and share deployed from datacentres or public cloud.

The Transporter products use the recursive notification function in CIFS, which is a mechanism that tracks changes in the NAS file system. There are no plans to offer access to SAN storage via server file systems.

Connected Data international marketing vice-president Geraldine Osman said: “For the customer, the Transporter Network Storage Connector adds value to their existing NAS systems by making shares available to file sync and share, and so it helps contain the rogue use of Dropbox. It also changes the process, making data available via software rather than having to physically transfer data to the Transporter box.”

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