Fluke Networks announces holistic network monitoring strategy

Fluke Networks unveils a new strategy to bring together network and cloud application monitoring capabilities for enterprises

Network performance specialist Fluke Networks has announced a “borderless” enterprise network strategy and added cloud application monitoring to the latest version of its TruView software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, to give customers a better view of the performance of their entire IT landscape, whether on-premise or hosted.

According to Doug Roberts, managing director of enterprise at Fluke Networks, the growth in popularity and the ease of deployment of cloud-based SaaS systems – such as Salesforce.com – meant the people in charge of the underlying infrastructure were often bypassed by line-of-business managers, so-called shadow IT.

This, he said, created friction between the IT department in charge of the infrastructure – who were more focused on technology, service delivery and stability – and the line-of-business leaders deploying cloud apps – who were more focused on adopting new systems to enable competitive advantage and win business.

Fluke has first-hand experience of this situation, having implemented Salesforce at the start of 2015, when its European and Asia-Pacific offices promptly ran into problems.

“Our internal IT group got involved to solve a problem with something they never knew existed,” said Roberts.

“In a way it was great because there is no proof better than your own, and it gave us a chance to experience the very problems we hypothesised existed,” he said, adding that Fluke used its own experience to help inform its new product strategy and feature upgrade.

The end of multiple monitoring systems

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Fluke believes by helping IT departments move away from reliance on multiple point-solution tools to monitor and troubleshoot application and network performance, and helping customers embrace a more holistic view, IT will once again align its objectives with those of the business.

TruView Live, launched earlier in May, will offer real-time monitoring and diagnostics of applications, platforms and infrastructure delivered as a service, giving IT departments the holistic view they need.

IT administrators using the product will be able to monitor end-to-end availability and network performance in real-time through a single dashboard, receive alerts and set performance thresholds to resolve issues before users notice them, isolate problems and proactively respond to them, and produce accurate reporting of SaaS performance and service-level agreements (SLAs) as needed.

“It keeps you from having to throw everything but the kitchen sink at a network issue and hoping it just goes away,” said Roberts.

TruView Live can be bought in three formats, either as a plug-and-play micro-appliance that connects to the network through an Ethernet port, as downloadable software for Windows and Linux, or as a cloud-hosted system.

Roberts said Fluke was also in talks with a number of cloud hosters, telecommunications companies and other communications service providers to offer TruView Live as a value-add option to their customers.

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