IT error affects Nordea customers across Finland

Nordea's online systems are back up and running after an unspecified technical problem affected customers in Finland

Nordea's online systems are back up and running after an unspecified technical problem affected customers in Finland.

The error last week caused bogus payments, incorrect balances and double payments to appear in online banking and mobile banking apps. Nordea was unable to confirm the number of customers affected, although it was limited to personal accounts in Finland.

The problem was first identified on Tuesday 7 April and was expected to be resolved swiftly, according to a press release. However, problems continued until Thursday with the bank even asking customers to refrain from making purchases until the problem was fixed. Despite this call, Nordea confirmed that bill payments, card payments and transfers between accounts were unaffected.

“At first we didn't realise it would take us so long to fix the problem,” a Nordea spokesperson told Computer Weekly.

“As we had to fix the problem phase by phase it took an unreasonably long time. We have now identified the root cause and actions have started to prevent this happening again in the future.”

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Nordea announced on 13 April that corrective actions were complete, although some customers may still experience some issues.

“I am truly very sorry for this disturbance and any harm it has caused to our customers. This should never have happened and I can understand that our customers feel angry and disappointed towards us. I thank them for their patience. If customers have questions, they should call our customer service, which is open 24/7,” said the bank.

In October 2014, Nordea announced plans to replace many of its core IT systems. Much of its IT development takes place in Poland, where almost 300 people work to maintain and develop software and the banking system infrastructure across the group.

Nordea is the largest financial services group in Northern Europe, with over 10 million household customers and half a million corporate customers. In addition to the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, Nordea also operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

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