Cyber awareness accreditation offered to teachers

Tech Partnership and NAACE unveil cyber awareness accreditation for teachers

A cyber security accreditation for teachers has been unveiled by the Tech Partnership and Naace.

The Cyber Awareness accreditation is divided into three levels. Level one will see the teacher work through a series of modules to build up their cyber security knowledge. In level two the teacher will apply the knowledge to their specialisation and Key Stage. Level three requires the teacher to show that they have become a “cyber leader”.

The accreditation aims to allow schools to be awarded Cyber Aware Institution status.

Prior to being formally launched in September 2015, the scheme will be rolled out to five pilot schools in England in February. The accreditation will be part of the TechFuture Teachers Programme.

Cyber Awareness has been set up following a grant from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills to the Tech Partnership and Naace.

Head of ICT, computing and eStrategy at St Luke’s School in Devon, Laura Pearce, said the school was looking forward to the launch of the initiative and viewed it as a welcome recognition of the effort schools and teachers are putting into ensuring their school, staff and students are cyber aware.

“It gives all teachers the opportunity to gain much more knowledge about cyber security, and to share that with students,” she added.

Tech Partnership director Karen Price said the need to be cyber secure has never been greater.

“It is vital that teachers and learners have the skills they need to stay cyber safe and tackle and cyber threats they are presented with. This new qualification will equip teachers with the skills to teach cyber awareness in the classroom and support their colleagues in their cyber learning,” she added.

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