European Space Agency turns to Orange for private cloud services

European Space Agency deploys a private cloud solution from Orange Business Services

The European Space Agency has deployed a private cloud solution from Orange Business Services as it undergoes a major digital transformation.

Headquartered in France, the 20-member intergovernmental body operates numerous sites across Europe, including in the UK, where the agency’s Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications is located at Harwell.

It also operates from French Guiana in South America, from where it launches its missions, including the Rosetta mission to land on and study comet 67P/Churymov-Gerasimenko.

ESA has around 2,200 permanent staff in a number of roles including scientific, engineering, operations, industrial and back office admin, and its specialist IT department serves all the agency’s disparate communities, including providing support to mission control, mission simulation and testing, which all present a major impact on its IT infrastructure.

In deploying esacloud, Orange Business Services has created a common, secure and rapidly provisioned infrastructure that will span the entire organisation, lowering IT resource costs and improving productivity.

The cloud will be hosted in two mirrored datacentres to offer complete redundancy for both applications and services.

Filippo Angelucci, ESA's CIO, said the cloud would allow ESA’s scientists “to do rocket science rather than IT”.

“We put a high value in close partnership with suppliers in IT and, since being selected in 2000, Orange Business Services has helped ESA innovate and be a pioneer in many areas, such as the first European converged MPLS IP VPN. Esacloud marks a new milestone in our joint path,” he explained.

Orange Business Services SVP of Europe, Russia and CIS said the ESA cloud had been specifically tailored to meet ESA’s specific business transformation goals.

“It combines our global network in a seamless fashion with best-in-class, secure, scalable, flexible and top-business-grade cloud infrastructure and an end-to-end SLA framework to deliver unrivaled levels service and performance,” he said.

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