Whitechapel Bell Foundry to ring in 2015 with 4G network

One of the UK’s oldest running businesses uses EE 4G network to sell its iconic bells around the world

Manufacturing company the Whitechapel Bell Foundry has signed up as a member of the EE 4GEE Pioneers programme to demonstrate how it is using advanced 4G mobile networking technology to grow its worldwide customer base.

The Whitechapel Bell Foundry was established in 1570, during the reign of Elizabeth I, and claims to be the oldest continuously working manufacturing firm in the UK.

Its products have been heard all around the world, from St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney to the National Cathedral in Washington DC, and it famously cast both the original Liberty Bell in 1752, and Big Ben a century later.

Working alongside its mobile network operator (MNO) partner, the Foundry has now implemented cloud-sharing platform Box to provide customers with instant access to the sounds of its entire range of bells in a crystal clear, lossless format.

EE’s 4G technology assists in the process by enabling sales staff to upload and stream the most up-to-date sound files during client meetings conducted over video-conferencing.

The Foundry said its cloud and sharing platforms had already increased sales by 5% as customers were now quicker to come to a decision.

Foundry director Alan Hughes, part of a dynasty that has owned the firm for four generations, said customers were increasingly keen to hear bell demonstrations.

“Previously, we’ve had to send CDs out by mail – and we’ll usually haul a large selection to new business meetings so we can play them to prospects. But using 4G we can now quickly browse the full catalogue and stream high-quality audio files of any bell from the cloud. This helps us bring our products to life in a way that we’ve never been able to before,” he explained.

The firm’s video service helpline uses 4G-enabled tablets to troubleshoot and diagnose bell problems all over the world, bringing extra benefits around customer service and travel expenses.

The 4GEE Pioneers programme provides specialist expertise from EE business experts on improving networks. Other SMEs already signed up to the scheme include The Rib Man, a street food truck; Anthony Sinclair, also known as James Bond’s tailor; and the Luxury Mobile Office, a connected mobile office service.

EE small business director Mike Tomlinson said: “Whitechapel Bell Foundry is an excellent example of a business that has survived for the last 400 years by embracing change.

“They are transforming how they operate, using cloud services, social media and a wide range of business-focused apps and our 4G network. Even one of the UK’s oldest and most established businesses is doing everything possible to retain a competitive edge.”

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