John Lewis IT operations team uses Splunk to target web bugs

The IT operations team at retailer John Lewis has used Splunk’s business intelligence tools to improve website performance and identify problem areas

The IT operations team at retailer John Lewis has used business intelligence tools from Splunk to improve website performance and identify problem areas.

John Lewis used Splunk Enterprise to improve operational intelligence and supporting a rapid growth in online sales. The software is being used to support decision making across IT, web and marketing departments  who work on the website.

According to Splunk, over the key Christmas clearance in 2013, Splunk Enterprise made a positive contribution to John Lewis delivering the best online performance in company history. 

John Lewis online sales grew more than 23% over the holiday period, and Splunk is credited with helping the organisation make important operational and marketing decisions, such as when to promote certain items or campaigns.

Aleem Cummins, release manager at John Lewis, said while the company’s commitment to customers has not changed over the 150 years the company has been selling, what has changed is technology and the need to bring change management, governance and ownership.

In terms of governance, he said, "All the logs generated from the our servers are fed into Splunk, which we can use for problem solving and operational intelligence."

Splunk is also used to provide John Lewis with what Cummins described as "behavioural intelligence".

The supplier recently helped the company identify a problem transaction. He said: "We are able to infer from what is not in the log, what is happening, such as seeing a transaction and the customer journey."

From this he could see the customer’s experience and determine what had broken, preventing completion of the transaction: "It was actually down to a certain build of a certain browser. We were able to recreate the problem and easily solve it."

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