Managed security services on the up in India

Indian companies are beginning to adopt managed security services as a lack of internal resources and rapidly changing business models force a change of strategy

Indian companies are starting to adopt managed security services as a lack of internal resources and rapidly changing business models force a change of strategy.

Research by Forrester of businesses in the Asia Pacific reveal that businesses in the region, traditionally slow at outsourcing critical information, are moving to outsourced IT security strategies.

Manatosh Das said Indian companies typify this changed approach.

“Organizations have historically been slower to outsource critical information security functions, largely owing to concerns that letting external parties access internal networks and manage IT security operations exposes them to too much risk. They have also not fully understood the real business benefits of outsourcing partnerships from a security perspective,” said Das. “However, this trend has recently started to reverse.”

Forrester said skills shortages are increasing risks and the cost of recruiting people with the right skills is high. Managed services enable businesses to get access to the skills without having to recruit.

Scarce internal security skills and a dearth of deep technical specialists in the labor pool are ongoing challenges for organizations around the world. This not only raises the cost of staffing and severely restricts efficiency, it may also increase the costs of security breaches by giving cyber criminals more time to carry out attacks undetected.”

Furthermore the IT skills that are in-house are struggling to keep up with changing business practices. Internal security teams can’t keep up with business change. “With the pace of business change putting more pressure on the CIO’s organization, building in-house capabilities to monitor and manage IT security around the clock is becoming an unrealistic option for many.”

Das said managed security services can help improve your security posture without making large upfront investments in technology and resources. “Outsourcing has long been a viable option for Western companies; now, [Indian] organizations that face similar challenges also have a list of service providers to choose from.”

The IT security skills shortage in India is being addressed by the government. Last year the Government of India revealed a target of having 500,000 professionals skilled in cyber-security in the next five years through capacity building, skill development and training.

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